Roadshow Trucks for Hire in Kenya

Roadshow Trucks For Hire in Kenya

Did you know that roadshow trucks are important marketing tools? We have the best roadshow trucks for hire in Nairobi and Kenya as well.

A roadshow truck is a marketing vehicle used by multiple business sectors to take products and services to their target market.

Additionally, they are also utilized to consistently and directly pass messages to their target market and the masses as well.

This is done by engaging the masses directly and capturing their thoughts and emotions by employing convincing marketing methods like:

  • Branding
  • Offers for the product or service
  • Direct client engagement
  • Music and passing of information among others

Well, if done to perfection this marketing method can catapult your business to new heights in a short span of time.

At Events Marketing Solutions, we hire out state-of-the-art roadshow trucks for Activations, Rallies, Campaigns, and so much more.

Our advertising trucks are fully customized and marketing details are well incorporated to achieve the desired results.

Mounted with quality sound systems, power generators, deejay equipment, and microphones, among others, you can be guaranteed a quality roadshow that will create an impact on your sales or any other intended outcome.

What you get with our Roadshow trucks

Some of the attributes availed on our roadshow and campaign trucks are:

  • State-of-the-art sound systems
  • Advanced lighting systems
  • Qualified DJs and Mc’s
  • High-quality branding
  • Dancers, and performers
  • High power generators
  • Electrical and Sound technicians – among others

This makes our roadshow trucks effective for both local and international brands that want to deliver their products and services directly to their target audience using innovative promotional messages and displays.

Just like your customers, we are always on the move.  Don’t get caught standing still, mobility is the new mass media marketing tool. We’re right where your customers are.

Our Roadshow Trucks Variations and forms

We have various variations of trucks on offer depending on your needs.

In fact, we have trucks for various budgets and various marketing campaigns.

The main consideration is space. With us you will get these sizes:

  • 20ft trucks
  • 25ft trucks
  • 30ft trucks
  • 40ft trucks

Our trucks are fully customized according to your own needs. Do not hesitate to talk to us if you need to learn more or hire one.

The forms of the trucks that we have on offer for you are:

  • Marketing vehicles
  • Advertising trucks
  • Promotional trucks
  • Retail trucks
  • Activation vans
  • Mobile Stage

Best Roadshow Trucks Company in Kenya

We are the number one roadshow trucks hire company in Kenya. You can rest easy knowing that we got your back and want your success.

In order to offer you the best services, we have invested time and other initiatives.

Our roadshow trucks are:

  1. Well serviced
  2. Spacious (in terms of accommodating the client’s team)
  3. Roadworthy
  4. Have Powerful Sound Systems (latest line array)
  5. Come with ample Branding & Advertising Space
  6. Come with an experienced, friendly, and dedicated crew

Marketing Advantages of Roadshows

At Events Marketing Solutions we have been actively engaged with on-ground advertising techniques mainly: below-the-line and experiential marketing.

These methods can help you in:

  • creating brand/product awareness
  • creating one-on-one direct interaction between the brand and its end consumers
  • creating a new network of customers and suppliers
  • boosting brand visibility in both new and old markets
  • Assisting sales teams to achieve and surpass their targets by widening their market share

Our Clients

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with so many brands in the business sector in Kenya like:

  • Banks
  • Hospitality firms
  • Learning Institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Communications companies
  • Agri-business firms
  • Construction companies
  • Consumer products companies among others

Some of them are:

  • DTB Bank
  • Airtel Kenya
  • Amaco Insurance

Let us make your sales catapult

Are you in need of effective and result-oriented amplified marketing/advertising strategies within the major towns of Kenya?

Then you need not look further than Events Marketing Solutions.

Our Roadshow trucks designs befit modern state-of-the-art as they offer and extend to you a handsome ROI.

Over the years we’ve been in operation, we have managed to cover 90% of Kenya’s most populous markets, creating sales platforms, advertising, and selling different brands/products to crowds that we eventually convert into consumers.

We have in-detailed market research and statistical data that helps us plan and execute effective and result-oriented activation campaigns countrywide.

If you have:

  • A product launch
  • Product or service campaign
  • Product or service re launch
  • Political campaign
  • Service launch among other marketing initiatives

We are ready and indeed do look forward to serving you as you engage in the marketing sphere.

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