Roadshow Trucks for Hire in Nairobi, Kenya

  1. New & well serviced roadshow trucks
  2. Spacious roadshow trucks (in terms of accommodating the client’s team)
  3. Roadworthy roadshow trucks
  4. Roadshow trucks with Powerful Sound System (latest line-array)
  5. Roadshow trucks with ample Branding & Advertising Space
  6. Roadshow trucks with experienced, friendly and dedicated crew
    Events Marketing Solutions has been actively engaged with on ground advertising techniques
    i.e. below-the-line marketing that help clients in:

Are you in need of effective and result-oriented amplified marketing/advertising strategies within
the major towns of Kenya? Then you need not look further than Events Marketing Solutions.
Our Roadshow trucks designs befit the modern state-of-the-art as they ar

  • creating brand/product awareness
  • creating one-on-one direct interaction between brand and its end consumers
  • creating new network of customers and suppliers
  • boosting brand visibility in both new and old markets
  • assisting sales’ teams achieve and surpass their targets by widening their market share
    Over the years we’ve been in operation, we have managed to cover 90% of Kenya’s most
    populous markets, creating sales platforms, advertising and selling different brands/products to
    crowds that we eventually convert into consumers. Henceforth, we have an in-detailed market
    research and statistics that help us plan and execute effective and result-oriented activation

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