Events Marketing Solutions is a leader in producing experiential marketing campaigns and brand-building events that generate national press coverage, social media buzz, consumer loyalty, and product sales.

The creative team at events marketing solutions integrates the best event marketing practices with the latest interactive technology and integrated social media strategy.

  • Consumer Event            
  • Consumer Tour
  • On / Off Premise Engagement
  • Festival Experience
  • Experiential Sampling
  • Retail Experience
  • Roadshows
  • Pop-Up Marketing
  • In-shop Activation
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Content Strategy, Creation & Amplification
  • Social Community Management


We’ve been developing effective, integrated and innovative marketing.  That’s before the buzz word of ‘integrated’ was even a buzz word!  Savvy marketers need to be visible, credible to drive profitability in many marketing channels.  The question is: which ones are right for you?  We’ve built our businesses on integrated marketing. We do the same for you.


Strategic plans may not be sexy to most- but they are to us.  Ben Franklin had it correct. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  For us, failure is not an option. We’re in business to keep you in business.  Our secret sauce is based on our ‘CAN-DO’ spirit. 


We get it. You want your marketing to work. We do too.  Marketing that is strategically researched, planned, and developed to attract, convert and retain YOUR ideal target clients is what makes marketing effective.  At this level of your game, spray and pray marketing is costly. You need sniper targeted marketing to help you level up your results.  That’s our approach for you.


Marketing is big, fast, and fluid.  Yet behind all the trends are proven strategies, systems, and tools that you need to create structural integrity in your marketing.  You need it. We build that for you. Then we help you fuel up and integrate it into your business operations to ensure max results.

Brand Tight

Your brand needs to speak visually and verbally throughout all you do.  Your brand is just more than words on paper and amazing graphics. Your brand is infused into your whole business.  We take you to the 50k foot view to make sure your brand promise is infused into your strategic marketing plan and campaigns.  It’s a catalyst for results.

We Are Results Driven

Innovation based on proven strategies nets the results our clients seek. We have been doing this a long time and our founders are very results-driven too.  We know your goal is R.O.I.  Today, R.O.I. is more than just money in the bank.  Engage with us today and experience our 6 STEPS to Marketing Success to achieve the results you need.

With us, you can be assured that your experiential marketing campaigns will be taken care of by professionals and the desired results achieved as well.