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EMS Limited is the best event planning and management agency in Kenya. We have been in this sphere and done well for our client’s businesses and other ventures.

A while back, most event planning and management companies found themselves right in the mix of a totally confusing and unprecedented phenomenon.

The Corona Virus struck – and the subsequent journey was not pleasant. The waves, deaths, job losses, and more disasters came full circle.

Truth is that the global pandemic has affected the norm of doing events. Though a bit out of the woods, no one can now predict what the future holds.

For that matter, most event companies in Kenya have been forced to get back to the drawing board, be innovative and come up with smart ways of staying afloat during the turbulent financial wave.

With curfews, lockdowns, and other related restrictions taking effect in the first quarter of 2020, a time when most brands had not yet done any meaningful activation, it surely was one hell of rocky a year for event companies in Kenya.

Well, as we hope for things to get back to normal, we can’t ignore the fact that there will be a new normal in play because so many aspects will have to change.

Therefore, event companies in Kenya will have to change tact to fit into the new ways of staying relevant to current business times.

Through the period of uncertainty, marketing and advertising have gone above the line.

Digital marketing on online platforms seems to be the new norm for creating a buzz about new brands looking to sell their products.

Ems Event Planning and Management Agency Process

At Events Marketing Solutions, we have an open-minded, diverse, and dedicated team, with each one offering expert knowledge in their specific field.

From strategy planning, budgeting, and comprehensive support to marketing, branding, and advertising we bring to the table the most current, innovative, and effective professional market expertise.

If you are in the process of planning an event, you are in the right place. Our event planning and management agency offers you the best event planning and management services.

In addition, our services are tailor-made to your desired results and specifications. Furthermore, the cost is pocket-friendly and the results are impressive and memorable.

You probably have been wondering what event planning and management entails.

Well, event planning and management is the wholesome process of:

  • Creating
  • Organizing, and
  • Manning Projects and Events

Projects and events such as;

  • Meetings
  • Birthdays
  • Conventions
  • Trade-shows
  • Ceremonies
  • Team-building activities
  • Reunions
  • Parties
  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Concerts

With the sole purpose of achieving set goals and results.

NB; A project is an ongoing process like a convention lasting a couple of days.

On the other hand, an event is usually a one-moment thing like a wedding party held in a couple of hours and concluded on the same day.

At Events Marketing Solutions, we take our time to make your event perfect and memorable.

Our Checklist

Having a detailed checklist has helped us achieve impeccable results. With our checklist, you can clearly see that nothing is left to chance.

We decided to share our checklist with you so that, you have assurance and confidence that your event will be perfect and quite memorable.

Our checklist is a set of issues that we define beforehand…

They are:

  • With your input, we define the goals and objectives of the event before anything else
  • After goals, we move to establish a budget that will fund the aforementioned (this is not static and adjustments are bound to happen as other issues or requirements come up)
  • We then build a team to undertake the event in regards to both planning and management (your input may – be needed as well)
  • In consultation with you, we then pick a venue and a date (this helps so much in the planning, logistics, and other unforeseen issues that may crop up)
  • Branding of the event then follows – remember that branding is visual and extremely important for any event – be it commercial, private, or public.
  • After this, planning of the program comes in – and this is mainly from your end – however, our team will walk you through the requirements so that you have a great program
  • We then need to confirm with you about your sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors if there are – among others
  • Technical marketing tools identification and selection is another important aspect that we incorporate to have our events flow without any hitches
  • In the case of a marketing event, marketing and promotional plans come in handy to boost the overall outcome
  • We then finally have to determine the measurements we shall apply or utilize to actually get the performance of the event

The deliverables

In addition to the above, this is how we undertake this whole process;

  1. We engage you to understand the project/event. (this could be a personal project/event, a project/event for a brand, or a project/event for an organization )
  2. After this and in consultation with you, we identify the target audience for commercial events
  3. We then devise the event/project concept
  4. And finally, we coordinate the technical aspects before launching the event/project

After establishing and agreeing on the above major requirements, it is now time to get into the event/project.

To make your event/project run smoothly, at EMS we incorporate and help you with the following very important but often forgotten aspects;

  1. Site selection
  2. Acquisition necessary permits
  3. Scheduling
  4. Transportation and parking coordination
  5. Sound system arrangement
  6. Arranging of décor
  7. Event/project security
  8. Catering
  9. Emergency plans
  10.  Budgeting among other aspects

Armed with the above information, it is time to engage us for your event or project.

We are the number one event planning and management agency in Kenya having served our clients with dedication and diligence.

Over the years, we have been contracted to plan and execute large-scale company meetings, weddings, concerts, sporting events, reunions, Brand activations, and much more.

Apart from individual clients, we have also worked with government entities, non-profit organizations, associations, and corporations.

Kindly visit our portfolio page and see the events that we have handled and executed.

At Events Marketing solutions, we are ready to execute your event. Kindly get in touch with us via our contact page if you need any help.