Event Companies in Kenya

This year, most event companies have found themselves right in the mix of a totally confusing and unprecedented wave. Truth is that, the global pandemic that Coronavirus is has affected the norm of doing events. For that matter, most event companies in Kenya have been forced to get back to the drawing board, be innovative and come up with smart ways of staying afloat the turbulent financial wave.

With curfews, lockdowns and other related restrictions taking effect in the first quarter of 2020, a time when most brands had not yet done any meaningful activation, it surely has been one hell of rocky a year for event companies in Kenya.

Well, as we hope for things to get back in situ, we can’t ignore the fact that there will be a new normal in play because so many aspects will have to change. Therefore, event companies in Kenya will have to change tact to fit into the new ways of staying relevant to current business times.

Through the period of uncertainty, marketing and advertising has gone above the line. Digital marketing on online platforms seems to be the new norm of creating a buzz about new brands looking to sell their products.

At Events Marketing Solutions, we have an open-minded, diverse and dedicated team, with each one offering expert knowledge in their specific field. From strategy planning, budgeting, and comprehensive support to marketing, branding and advertising we bring to table the most current, innovative and effective professional market expertise.

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