Welcome to our Ems Limited Portfolio. Here you will learn in detail about the various projects we have undertaken – via a gallery.

Having been in the marketing sphere for quite a while now, we can assure you that we have learned the ropes.

We are now one of the leading marketing companies in Kenya and East Africa.

We have diverse knowledge and have worked with big and small brands – and yes, helped them further their marketing agendas.

Corporates, media houses, NGOs, Hospitality industries, Educational Institutions, and Government institutions among others have been our clients.

Some of them include:

  • Amaco Insurance
  • Airtel Kenya
  • Kass Fm
  • DTB Bank among others

Thank you for creating the time to have a look at the EMS Limited Portfolio – we shall keep adding more images of the projects that we have successfully undertaken.

We kindly do welcome you to learn more about us and what we can offer you. Our home page will let you in on who we are.

Our news page will show you all the services that we have on offer for you.

If you have a marketing project or gig that you need to execute, kindly visit or talk to us. We promise you that your project will be a big success.