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We are a top-rated digital marketing agency in Kenya – we do both organic and paid-for digital marketing – and our results are impeccable…

Digital marketing and Social Media have been at the heart of every marketing conversation in the last few years and we too have also been part of the conversation.

This has enabled us to gain so much knowledge and foresight in this fast-growing marketing sphere.

Also referred to as online marketing, digital marketing is a global marketing phenomenon that you cannot avoid as a business person or entity.

Our digital marketing agency offers you diverse and tailor-made digital marketing services here in Kenya and Africa at large.

We have worked with diverse firms and personalities to bring their businesses to the global digital sphere. And yes, we have achieved success and made our clients happy.

Unlike experiential marketing where you come into contact with your target audience, with digital marketing, (organic) the audience is not defined

Additionally, you do not have an opportunity to come face to face with them.

However, with paid-for digital marketing, you do have an opportunity to target the clients of your choice – but still, it is not an audience you can meet.

In essence, with digital marketing, you target a faceless and contactless but available audience…

These are people who are online and searching for your products or services…

This should not make you afraid of results – if done well, digital marketing can catapult your business in a very short time.

Digital Marketing Modes

Digital marketing falls under two main categories… They are:

  • Organic
  • Paid

With digital organic marketing, you employ content as the key driver of your campaigns – with this mode, you have to employ SEO (for websites) and SMO (for social media)

Organic marketing may take time to show results – if you are looking at employing this mode, then patience is required – we can discuss this at length if you do engage us.

We shall talk at length about the two (SEO and SMO) below – being services that we offer.

With paid-for marketing, we do utilize social media (SMM) or search engine platforms like Google Adwords.

With paid, you must pay a static amount (Facebook and other Social Media Platforms) or pay per click (Adwords).

Additionally, you have an opportunity to set demographics of your choice so as to reach your target audience.

With paid, the results could be instant – however, remember that you could spend a substantial amount of money but not get the desired results.

For this reason, due diligence is important before embarking on the paid model of digital marketing.

With us, you can be assured that we shall walk the journey with you till the desired results are achieved.

The two modes above are very effective if done well.

Services offered at our digital marketing agency

For Events Marketing Solutions, digital marketing sits right at the heart of our endeavors and capabilities.

We create & deliver clutter-breaking campaigns for our large range of clients.

At our state-of-the-art digital marketing agency, you will get a wide range of digital services to boost your sales and bring your business to millions that could be searching for your products or services.

Below are some of the digital marketing services that we offer you:

Digital Strategy

We conceive, plan and action your Digital Roadmap – we can do it all for you. With a digital strategy, you can be assured of a smooth digital marketing plan that will work for you.

Our team of digital strategists will sit down with you and agree on a plan and a method to execute it.

Website Design & Development

We specialize in designing & developing clutter-breaking websites for your brand.

Our websites will have a good user experience so as to have the visitors have an easy time going through the content.

Additionally, we do follow best practices to have all search engines be able to crawl the websites with much ease. Trust us with this and leave the rest to us – you will not be disappointed.

Web Management

Don’t do the hard work of managing your website – we are WordPress experts and will continuously manage your website so that you get time to do other things.

Our WordPress experts will make sure that your website is well looked after and optimized to stay at the top.

Content Marketing

Our specialized content team can craft impeccable content for anything and everything including blogs, social media, e-mailers, webpages, webcasts et al.

We understand that content is one of the major pillars of digital marketing – for this reason, we craft winning content – content that will capture your web visitors and convert them into actual buyers.

Social Media Management and Monetization

We can help your brand stand out amid all the clutter with social media campaigns that are high on Organic Engagement + Reach and low on rhetoric.

Our social media management team will keep all your social profiles active and engaging.

We also do help you with monetization action plans so that you work within your budget and get amazing results.


We know that successful digital marketing begins with having the right strategy in place.

That’s why we build integrated programs that dramatically increase digital marketing ROI by precisely targeting the right people at the right time.

SEO (search engine optimization) helps get your content and keywords on page one thus getting you organic traffic.

This in turn helps you with high conversations – improving your sales and ROI.

On the other hand, SMO (social media optimization) will keep your organic visitors keep visiting your social media platforms often.

Mobile Apps

We can custom-create apps for your organizations, events, and customer engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Amplify your reach with relevant Social Media Influencers. We have a good number of influencers in different niches.

In essence, we are the best digital agency in Kenya – engage us and see the positive change that we bring to your business…

Kindly have a look at our portfolio and see the projects that we have undertaken. Additionally, we also offer you roadshow trucks to help you with below-the-line marketing.

If you need any of the services above, kindly reach out to us via our contact page or visit our agency. As always, we are ready to serve you.