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Events Marketing Solutions is all about weaving memorable stories and experiences through Integrated Marketing Communication skills for our wide array of clients.

Our core strength lies in Events, Experiential & Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Lead Generation, MICE Events and pretty much everything else to keep your brand Up-Visible-Vibrant.

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Event Companies in Kenya

This year, most event companies have found themselves right in the mix of a totally confusing and unprecedented wave. Truth is that, the global pandemic that Coronavirus is has affected …

Roadshow Trucks for Hire in Nairobi, Kenya

New & well serviced roadshow trucksSpacious roadshow trucks (in terms of accommodating the client’s team)Roadworthy roadshow trucksRoadshow trucks with Powerful Sound System (latest line-array)Roadshow trucks with ample Branding & Advertising …

event management

Event Management

What goes into event management? Well, this is our specialty. And well, we invite you to read this post and get to learn more.