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May 8, 2014
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October 7, 2015
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When We Say Advertising/Marketing Your Brand, this is What We Mean

When we say advertising your brand, we mean placing your brand strategically for everyone to see it. We mean display in the most appealing outlook possible. We mean audible visibility – getting brand-ambassadors/promoters/sales representatives to create a public relation with the market on the ground. We mean giving your products the much needed conspicuousness. We mean making you become the center of attention , the business in the scene, because we believe in making you to get seen. When we say advertising you brand/product, we mean giving your brand the full Ad-vantage.

When say marketing your brand, we mean that your target consumers get to know and interact one on one with your products. We mean getting on the ground, campaigning , creating awareness and disseminating a more detailed info about your brand. We mean gathering masses, reaching thousands and spreading your news to vast regions.

We at Events Marketing Solutions, mean rousing your target market/consumers and creating an interest and an insatiable demand for your product. We mean bringing you a beneficial following of future consumers. When we say marketing, we mean passing information in the most audible way because we have put an emphasis on clarity, audibility. Because we have installed our sound system with the latest audio technology – very powerful line array module speakers by DB technologies.

When we say marketing we mean actively engaging everyone. Yes we mean it, and we are Events Marketing Solutions (020 221 0416, 0726 329 570 – for inquiries, bookings and more detailed info).

Here are some of our recent roadshows and marketing campaigns.

When we say branding we mean this

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