Experiential Marketing

Roadshow & Promotional Mobile Tours

We build comprehensive experiential strategies, allowing our partners to connect directly with their
consumers in unique and memorable ways. Our process involves full immersion in your history, goals,
and culture, resulting in a fully customized brand marketing experience. Roadshow & promotional tours are a form of experiential marketing that allows brands to get to the ground and build closer and more effective ties with their consumers that cannot be forged with traditional TV commercials or print adverts. So how do we get more people to try out your brand or product? Roadshow & promotion tours are a valuable marketing tool that allows brands to properly lay working strategies in order to establish a positive reputation with their target consumer base. We come up with and execute customized mobile marketing programs that take your products off the retail shelf and into the consumer’s hands, because people are more likely to buy a product if they can touch it or try it out.
Services include:

Locations Scouting & Market Research | Roadshow Trucks | Themed Games & Giveaways | Brand Ambassadors | Consumer & Retail Activation | Product Sampling | Route Planning & Scheduling | Travel Logistics | Data Collection and Reports | Expense and Budgeting Management