the New Key to Successful Experiential Marketing and Advertising

4Km Girls and Boys Road Race – Ziwa Farmers Marathon 2016
February 13, 2017
5 Km Women Road Race – Ziwa Farmers Marathon 2016
May 29, 2017
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the New Key to Successful Experiential Marketing and Advertising

In this wake of a digital era, there are thousands of TV stations airing and broadcasting everyday. Gone are the days when all we used to watch were some top 3 mainstream channels and listen to a couple of not-so-many Radio stations. The new technological transition in the local media market has led to the mushrooming of thousands of TV stations, consequentially dividing and splitting the viewership.

Digital migration means that both Radio and Television Commercials are not so effective nowadays since it would cost way too much for companies and brands to pay for their commercials/adverts to run in the many new TVs and Radios so as to ensure maximum viewership.

For this reason, Events Marketing Solutions has come up with a new key to successful marketing and advertising that is way beyond Print, Audio and Visual Advertising. Doing a roadshow is today a very effective way of promoting new products into the market compared to doing adverts and commercials.

Advantages Of Roadshows Compared to Traditional Advertising

  1. With roadshows, brands directly interact with customers one on one, something that helps build the much needed bond between consumers and brands. Also, brands can take the advantage of rewarding their loyal customers with giveaways, gift-hampers and shopping vouchers – an act that makes consumers feel appreciated.
  2. Unlike in commercials where viewers/listeners can only see and hear the products being advertised, with roadshows, consumers get the rare chance of interacting with the products live. They can touch, feel and even test/taste the products and give an instant customer-feedback – free product sampling.
  3. With roadshows, you can get to reach thousands of populous crowds within a short time especially when route-maps and stop-overs are wisely mapped depending with the population or market days of a given area.
  4. Roadshows help garner real-time feedback on the product being marketed – depending on the type of product market-testing can be carried out at roadshows to gain general opinion about it.

Road shows have evolved into a popular, effective and flexible means of promotion and direct client approach. From corporate events and brand launches, to info promotions and product sampling, our innovative approach, extensive field experience and result orientation secure maximum results with the highest efficiency. We leave consumers with the feeling that they have directly connected with the brand through a multi-dimensional experience that triggers all of their senses.

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