Differences Between Active and Passive Speakers

Understanding the Thin Line Between Passive and Active Speakers
July 25, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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Differences Between Active and Passive Speakers

There are quite a number of differences between passive speakers and active speakers as per the previous blog. Here’s a comparative analysis of the two types of speakers.

Pros Cons
Usually lighter in weight than the active equivalent in the same range
Better option for putting up on wall brackets
Do not need mains power
Must be matched to the power rating of the power amplifier or active mixer, so your system is not as versatile. More speakers require another power amplifier


Less equipment to carry around as you don’t need a separate power amplifier
You have some built in resilience. If one of the active speakers fails, you can still run the other
Usually have line inputs on the back for microphones (XLR/Jack) and a music source (RCA)
Very versatile – you can take any part of your active system and use it independently, and can easily add to it
Usually heavier than the passive equivalent in the same range
Not suited for going up on wall brackets as they need a mains power feed





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